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Burdikin.com offers independent consultative services and training in all aspects of Quality Management and Information Security Management to the Private, Voluntary and Public Sector throughout the United Kingdom.

Burdikin.com specialises in offering their services to small to medium sized organisations.

Based in Wiltshire in the south west of England, Burdikin.com is available to assist organisations maximise productivity as well as minimise risk. 

Burdikin.com specialises in the two international standards that exist to define Quality Management and Information Security Management methodologies. These standards are defined in the ISO 9000 and ISO 27000 families respectively.

Whilst it is not always absolutely necessary to obtain certified audited compliance with either of these standards, it is universally proven best practice to follow them as closely as possible when implementing Quality Management or Information Security Management systems.

Burdikin.com can help and advise smaller organisations in "cherry picking" those elements of both standards that are most relevant to them. In such cases; whilst the organisation will not be fully compliant with either standard, and thus unable to  claim certification to either standard, they will gain considerable benefit from adopting best practices in key areas without incurring the overheads of full implementation and compliance.

Burdikin.com can therefore advise organisations on all aspects of Quality Management and Information Security Management from basic document management and security through to full audited and certified compliance with either or both International Standards. This advice is tailored to each individual organisation, designed with that organisations aims in mind, and implemented to suit that organisation's own operating parameters.




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